10 Years of Surf City Surf Dog® - Feet & Paws
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10 Years of Surf City Surf Dog®

Feet and Paws_Surf Dog_Dog Surfing

10 Years of Surf City Surf Dog®

Feet and Paws_Surf Dog_Dog SurfingFall is here but there's still at least one more chance to enjoy the summer sun in SoCal - That's right! Surf City Surf Dog® is back  this Saturday, September 29, 2018 at Huntington Dog Beach. It's free to view or spectate!

Register for a contest, take a lesson, or just come to watch. Just make sure to bring water and sunblock for you and your dog as well as some shade (pop-up tent, beach umbrella, etc).

For more information visit https://surfdogevents.com/surf-city-surf-dog-

Feet and Paws_Workout with my Dog_Pack Walk_Los Angeles_Play Around with Your HoundOf course, if you'd like a significantly less aquatic way to be out and active with your pup, I'd love to have you and your pup in Feet & Paws' group fitness classes. Find out more at http://feetandpaws.com/services/fitness-classes-with-your-dog/

Have a great day with your dog!

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