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Feet and Paws_Fitness Class with Your Dog in Los Angeles

What do you mean, Fitness Classes With Your Dog?

First, the basics. Classes are:


Mondays & Wednesdays at 7:30pm

in Santa Monica, CA and

as low as $20/class


I know first hand how unfortunate it is our best friends have to stay at home while we go to the gym. After all, they enjoy physical activity and mental stimulation too!


This is why I created this fun and unique group fitness class. By incorporating strength training, cardio drills, games, and both basic dog obedience as well as tricks, my fitness classes with your dog invite you to both be active and healthy together.


Click -HERE- to learn the benefits of working out with your dog.

Getting Started with Fitness Classes With Your Dog

Your team’s health & safety is important to me! So, if you’re new to F&P,

follow these steps & you’ll be enjoying my fitness classes with your dog in no time!

Feet and Paws_Hightlights_Fitness Classes With Your Dog_Schedule Consultation B

Fill out the -REQUEST CONSULT- form below and I’ll be in touch to schedule your team’s consultation
Make sure to mark

as a safe sender

Purchase a Package &

Reserve Your Spot in Class

Feet and Paws_Hightlights_Fitness Classes With Your Dog_Reserve Spot B

After you consultation you can decided between the different package options and reserve your spot in class at your convenience online.

Have FUN Working Out

WITH Your Dog

Feet and Paws_Hightlights_Fitness Classes With Your Dog_Have Fun Working Out With Your Dog B

Get ready to workout like never before in this fun and unique group fitness class.

Feet and Paws_Fitness Classes with your Dog_Benefits of Physical Activity

Benefits of Working Out With Your Dog

Physical Activity is Important For You & Your Dog’s Physical and Mental Health

Regularly working out, including strength, agility, endurance, flexibility and body awareness exercises, can have so many health benefits including:

Increase your chance to live longer
Reduce your risk of heart disease
Improve your ability to do activities
Strengthen your bones and muscles
Reduce your risk of cancer
Improve your mental health
Control your weight
Reduce your risk of diabetes

What are you waiting for?

Get started today!

Sliding Image Sliding Image

What are you waiting for?

Get started today!

Class Schedule and Location

Feet and Paws_Workout with your Dog_Calendar Mon-Wed_Fitness Classes with Your Dog Schedule

**Consultation required for all new teams before attending first classes**


Feet and Paws_Workout with my Dog_Pack Walk_Los Angeles_Play Around with Your HoundPerfect For: Socialized, up-to-date and fully vaccinated dogs (Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella) who are at least 6 months old and behave well on leash..and their owner(s) too of course!


Where: Santa Monica Airport Park, 3201 Airport Ave., Santa Monica, CA -MAP-


Cost: As low as $20. For more information below.


Class Description: This all-levels class is the perfect way to launch, rejuvenate or compliment your fitness routine. It’s an action-PAWcked class that focuses on cardio, strength, and agility training for you AND your dog while also integrating basic (and beyond) dog obedience skills. Don’t worry, plenty of fitness form cues and dog obedience tips provided!


Interested in a private class for you and your friends with your dogs? Contact me today for a quote!


Looking for my Group Dog Training Classes? Go to


My tiered pricing REWARDS YOU for getting out and active with your dog more often!


There are two team options available, Basic and Family.


• Prices shown are for payments made with cash, Venmo, Zelle, or check.


• Paying full price by credit card is available at my online store,


• Complete purchased class(es) anytime before expiration.


• Space in class subject to availability.


• Options and prices subject to change without notice.


I look forward to meeting you and your dog soon!


Consultation & First Class*
2 Classes
$56 ($28/class)
4 Classes
$96 ($24/class)
8 Classes — Best Value
$160 ($20/class)


Consultation & First Class*
2 Classes
$100 ($50/class)
4 Classes
$176 ($44/class)
8 Classes — Best Value
$288 ($36/class)

Meet the Trainer

feet and paws_dog-training_fitness-training_personal-trainer_certificationsFrom the start we had a lot in common: a lack of coordination, the need to put our mouths on everything, and an inability to hold our bladders.


Needless to say, my bond with Sandy (named after the dog in Annie), was immediate. All jokes aside, she was my best friend for sixteen years and our friendship inspired my love of animals.


It wasn’t until my third year of college, and far from the unconditional support of Ginger, my family’s next four-legged family member, that I discovered my interest in health and fitness. I started walking on a regular basis to get away from the computer and relieve stress. Having never been very physically active in the past, I was surprised to find I enjoyed walking so much that, in time, I started walking longer and faster, eventually progressing to running. Over summer break, I kept the momentum and walked and ran with Ginger. It was so wonderful taking control of my well-being with my best friend who was also benefiting from activity.


As I transitioned into the working world, I never lost sight of the impact and joy animals and activity brought to my life. Not yet able to have my own dog (darn you work schedule!), I began volunteering at a local city shelter. I quickly gained respect as an experienced, trustworthy dog handler and even taught other volunteers how to handle and train the shelter dogs. It was both heart breaking and tremendously rewarding work.


Then, in 2010, I had transitioned into another profession and couldn’t take living without a dog a second longer.


So, I finally adopted my own dog from the shelter, a beautiful Belgian Malinois mix, Berlin. At this same timeFeet and Paws_Berlin_LA River Fun Run my fitness regime had progressed and I was participating in full and half marathons. Soon my favorite part about participating in a race was not crossing the finish line but training with my best buddy. Berlin and I have even walked and ran in several 5Ks and 10Ks together.


All of this made me realize I wanted to help others have it all too. So, I earned by dog training and fitness instruction certifications and now combine and share these skills in the various services that Feet & Paws offers. It is such an honor helping people and their dogs be healthy and happy together.


*For great bios, photos, and videos of the wonderful animals available for adoption at North Central Shelter visit


or for a list of the animals from all six L.A. Animal Service Shelters visit

Request Fitness Classes With Your Dog Consultation

After you submit this form look for an email from It will include information what’s next, including scheduling a brief phone chat so I can learn more about your specific goals. This is at no cost to you and will allow us to get to know each other a bit, as well as allow me the opportunity to address any questions you might have about my services.


Make sure to **Add to your Safe Sender list**.


I can’t wait to meet you and your dog!

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Berlin’s Dog Training Tip #24

Feet and Paws_Berlin_Dog Training Tip

Any attention is good attention to your dog. So, if they are doing something you don’t like, don’t pay attention to them. It makes us want to continue doing that unwanted behavior over and over and over again.

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